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economical value

Parquet for Dance by Robbins is a solid construction of beautiful MFMA edge-grained northern hard Maple flooring, creating a classic parquet appearance that can be arranged in a variety of patterns. The Parquet for Dance system features 50 durometer resilient pads to increase shock absorption and soften the landing for dancer comfort and safety. This is an excellent choice when studio owners desire a classical look with an economical value.

economical value

parque for dance

Floor Type: Sprung Floor: Floating

Floor Surface: Northern Hard Maple Flooring

Floor System Thickness: 1 13/16” (46mm)

Applications: Classical, Ballet, Percussive (Tap, Irish, Flamenco), Multi-Functional, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Swing, Belly Dancing

parque for dance floor


  • Durable Hardwood Performance Surface: solid hardwood surface that is recoatable & refinishable.

  • Comfort & Safety: 50 Durometer pads for force reduction and deflection to soften landing.

  • Energy Absorption: resilient pads for shock absorption & deflection.

  • Specially Profiled Hardwood: designed to increase flexibility and resilience for dancer safety.

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bio-channel dance has been tested per the ANSI E1.26 Standard

parque-for-dance circle detail
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