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vinyl & installation


Foster Specialty Floors offers a wide array of top layer vinyl choices to complete your vinyl flooring system. Once you have chosen your dance floor system, you can customize your vinyl top to create the perfect floor for your needs. Our top brands of vinyl are Forever Marley, Rosco Vinyl Dance, Tarkett Dance Vinyl, and Lair Dance Vinyl.. We also offer two options for installation, gaffer perimeter tape and heat welding

vinyl top and installation options

floor system types

forever marley

Forever Marley gives dancers and performers an exceptional, seamless, and long lasting dance surface that lessens the risk of surface related injuries by providing a uniform performance floor. The term “marley floors” has come to represent any vinyl surface rolled out over an existing floor. Those vinyl surfaces have a number of issues the dance community has just learned to deal with over time. Forever Marley eliminates these issues and provides an alternative that is more durable and versatile for the space.

Forever Marley Floor Image
forever marley

rosco dance vinyl

This highly portable vinyl floor is excellent for situations where a permanent dance floor cannot be installed. Dance Floor is lightweight (less than 2 pounds per linear foot, 255 pounds per roll) and flexible, so it can be rolled and unrolled as needed. This makes the floor ideal for situations such as touring dance companies, and theatres without a permanent dance floor. The matte non-skid finish provides the controlled slip dancers require.

Dance Floor is reversible with black on one side and your choice of white or grey on the other.

Rosco Dance Vinyl Image
rosco dance vinyl
Tarkett Cushioed Vinyl Floor

tarkett cushioned vinyl

Dance is a unique physical activity that has specific performance demands when it comes to flooring. Dancefloor meets those standards in a precise way. The 3.5mm floor does not have the polyurethane coating that is common to sports surfaces, which provides a surface with extra grip. It also generates a measure of shock absorption through a foam backing that reduces strain.

tarkett cushioned vinyl

l'air dance vinyl

For theatre or Studio, L’AIR’s own professional dance vinyl is the finest, most durable dance vinyl available – engineered with the same dedication to purpose and quality as our suspended sprung flooring. L’AIR dance vinyl is designed for years of service without the typical bubbling, buckling, and wrinkles associated with lesser quality products. Dance vinyl is suitable for permanent or semi-permanent installation and ideal for ballet, jazz, tap, modern and general stage use.

L'air Dance Vinyl Floor
l'air dance vinyl
Gaffer Perimeter Tape

gaffer perimeter tape

  • Tape over your dance floor perimeter edges with this Gaffer dance floor tape to prevent shifting of the edges.

  • Remove without leaving messy residue behind.

  • Size: 2" wide x 180' long.

  • Available in: Black, White, or Gray to match the selected top surface color of your matlay dance floor.

  • Helps the perimeter of matlay flooring adhere to the subfloor, especially if subfloor is not perfectly smooth.

gaffer perimeter tape

heat welding

Head welding seams in a resilient sheet or flooring can provide a virtually “seamless” floor for your facility. Many flooring installers cannot offer this service due to the specialized nature of the work. Here at Fosters we can provide this specialized service to fit your flooring needs. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 8.05.43 AM.png
hea welded perimeter
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