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ultimate force reduction

DanzAire® by Robbins brings performance and quality to the highest level possible in a dance floor. The DanzAire floor system is a premium SPRUNG MARLEY DANCE FLOOR patented design that maximizes comfort and reduces dancer fatigue through uniformity and vibration control. The proprietary laminated panels provide a uniform sprung subfloor that eliminates excessive rebound, aka “trampoline effect”, while also preventing “hard & soft spots”. The durable Forever Marley surface is slip-resistant and strong enough to withstand the daily use of dancers and performances. The results of this outstanding floor design allows performers of all levels to concentrate on their art, not the fear of falling or potential injury.

force reduction

danzaire vinyl

Dance Floor Type: Sprung Floor: Anchored

Floor Surface: Homogenous Forever Marley

Floor System Thickness: 2 11/16” (68mm) Note: System can be easily modified to achieve a different height

Applications: Premium Sprung Marley Dance Floor for Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Classical, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Swing, Jazz, Theatrical, Multi-purpose

Danzaire Vinyl Floor Image


  • Durable Forever Marley Performance Surface: slip resistant, non-reflective, dimensionally stable surface.

  • Load distribution deflection plate: Delivers vitally important foot stability.

  • Patented Sprung Subfloor Design: A Proprietary design with Specially formulated cushion layer that provides outstanding Uniformity of performance. 

    • Balanced Shock Absorption & Energy Return for Enhanced performance and longevity.

    • Vibration Tuning and Damping – Controls acoustic and sensory vibration.

    • Anchor Pattern facilitates uniformity of all performance characteristics.

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danzaire has been tested per the ANSI E1.26 Standard

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